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Hardware Problem

October 21, 2008 Posted by KP

When I started working on my new FreeBSD server, I got a few weird errors, such as: server rebooted by itself; strange errors when installing ports, but worked the second time, it happened to all three packages I installed.

Such weird problems are often caused by hardware, especially bad RAM. But it’s hard to convince the support to do a memory test – they always wanted to reproduce the errors. The following port error helped me, kudos to bzip developers.

bzip2: Get the following error message:
bzip2: Caught a SIGSEGV or SIGBUS whilst compressing.

Possible causes are (most likely first):
(1) This computer has unreliable memory or cache hardware
(a surprisingly common problem; try a different machine.)
(2) A bug in the compiler used to create this executable
(unlikely, if you didn’t compile bzip2 yourself.)
(3) A real bug in bzip2 — I hope this should never be the case.
The user’s manual, Section 4.3, has more info on (1) and (2).

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