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Another Network Problem

March 1, 2009 Posted by KP

Today I found some sites on my server didn’t respond, but I couldn’t find anything wrong with the server. Apache logs showed that these websites hadn’t got any visits since 16 hours ago.

Contacted the support, after two hours waiting, I was told that it’s not their problems. Although I didn’t know the exact cause, I believe such weird problems should be caused by some errors outside the server. These non-working websites are in the same IP range, I told the support that they must have changed something on their side, which caused those IPs to stop working, after another two hours communications, they finally did something and fixed the problem.

After moved to Burst.net less than two months ago, I have experienced a few serious problems, harddisk error, network problem, and this time 20 hours down time. I think the strange server problem last time was very probably due to a similar error like this time. But I should only blame myself, after read lots of bad reviews on WHT, I still signed up. I thought I usually didn’t need the support, and they have been in hosting business since 1996. Now I have to admit I was so wrong!

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2 Comments to “Another Network Problem”

  1. Chris Says:

    Check out http://www.webair.com, their admins are all trained in FreeBSD (its their prefered platform) and support is great.

  2. kam Says:

    I have install the FreeBSD, but don’t how to build up a network on freebsd.
    Can you help me, explan who to configure the server?
    Need to install something, that help it up? Or just a command on freebsd.

    Hit me back,hati_malaya@ymail.com