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Horrible Support

March 1, 2009 Posted by KP

After yesterday’s server problem, I realized how ‘horrible’ a support can be, it’s beyond my imagination.

1. He can’t read. So he has to ask many stupid questions before he can do anything.

2. He is very slow. After waited for one hour, I got a stupid question, then waited for another hour and got another stupid question…and go on…

3. He doesn’t know how to login. Here is what I wrote in my ticket:
[Server login info]
IP: x.x.x.x
Port: xxxx
Login account: xxx
password: xxx
Then use su command, password: xxx

Guess what? In the system log file, I saw the support tried to login with root account again and again, and of course, he never got in.

4. Just tell the customers it’s their problem. He can’t login, what more can I expect?

5. Now I have to convince the support it’s their problem, basically I taught him what to do.

6. The support told me that the networking department has started working on it. I’m not sure how big my ISP is, but I can only wait, because any questions will be replied with “I don’t know either, I’m waiting as well…”.

7. After 22 hours down time, completely ISP’s fault, I couldn’t get an explanation. He uses their secret ‘networking department’ to answer all questions.

And finally, I’m really wondering, why did my ISP touch my IPs? To train new horrible supports? Play with these IPs? This problem should never have happened.

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