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Network Problem

November 18, 2004 Posted in General

ServInt experienced 6 hours down time due to fiber cut yesterday, it’s quite frustrating. Besides losing orders, I’m more concerned about the possible search engine ranking. Google was doing a deep crawl on one of my websites before the server was down – which I have been waiting for days, I have no idea how Google deals with this, will it arrange the deep crawl next day or till weeks later? Read More

Monitor Your Server

November 18, 2004 Posted in Tips

You might want to monitor your server since you have to take care of it yourself, here are two websites which offer free service, they will send you email in case your server is inaccessible: Read More

Screen Command

November 6, 2004 Posted in Command & Utility

My Windows XP suddenly crashed when I was running a long-time Linux script, then I tried to find a way to regain the lost output, but it seems not possible, during the search on Google, I found a very useful Linux command: Read More

Redirect Output to Email

November 4, 2004 Posted in Tips

If you prefer to reading long document or output on Windows, output redirect does this job well, for example,
# mysqladmin variables | mail Read More

Optimizing MySQL

November 4, 2004 Posted in MySQL

A ServInt forum member posted the following tutorials for MySQL optimization: Read More

Cron Job

November 3, 2004 Posted in Command & Utility

Cron job is a very convenient tool in Linux, there are lots of information if you search “cron job” on Google. Read More

Recursively FTP Files

November 3, 2004 Posted in FTP

How to get files recursively by FTP?

Update: NcFTP doesn’t work well on some FTP servers, the best way to transfer files is using tar command. Read More

About This Blog

November 3, 2004 Posted in General

I started building my websites since 2001 and only used shared hosting until last week. As the websites growing, I feel a strong need of a dedicated server. Shared web hosting is very limited in many aspects, such as disk space, traffic volumn and shell access, the last one is most important to me. Read More