Posts for March, 2005

Commonly Used Configuration Files and Commands

March 31, 2005 Posted in FreeBSD General

Configuration file: /etc/namedb/named.conf
Start: # /etc/rc.d/named restart[start/stop]# rndc reload Read More

Benchmark Testing

March 24, 2005 Posted in General

You can use UnixBench to test your server’s benchmark, and compare with other’s results. Read More

FreeBSD and Linux

March 12, 2005 Posted in General

This is an interesting thread from FreeBSD mailing list, I have nothing against Linux, actually I know both too little to have my own opinions.
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Install ProFTPD

March 11, 2005 Posted in FTP

Update: The ProFTPD port seems buggy, I suggest you try pure-ftpd, the installation is very easy and worked very well. Read More