Posts for April, 2005

Using Perl and MySQL

April 19, 2005 Posted in MySQL

I moved this Blog to my FreeBSD server, this Blog uses MovableType Blog system which requires perl (as cgi file) and MySQL. To make the posting working, I did the following things: Read More

Change Hostname

April 19, 2005 Posted in FreeBSD General

It seems to be important to have a hostname which can be queried(nslookup or ping), especially for MTA. My ISP used something like by default, which I can’t add A record on my DNS server. Read More

System Logs

April 13, 2005 Posted in FreeBSD General

Several important logs:

1. /var/log/messages
2. /var/log/auth.log
3. # dmesg -a
4. /var/log/maillog

Tar Command

April 12, 2005 Posted in Command & Utility

Tar can detect an archive with gz compression and extract the files properly, I used to call gunzip first :-( . Read More

Protect Directory

April 9, 2005 Posted in Apache

How to protect a directory under Apache?

This can be done with .htaccess, visitors must input username and password before they can access the protected directory. Read More

How to Transfer a Website Effectively

April 7, 2005 Posted in Tips

Tar command is the most effective way to transfer a website between servers: Read More

A Silly Story

April 2, 2005 Posted in Email

In a previous post, I said pop3 server’s installation was very easy. Now, I try to install it on my second FreeBSD server, guess what? I couldn’t make it work and looked for help on the mailing list. Read More

Two PHP Problems

April 2, 2005 Posted in PHP

This is probably very simple, but I could spend hours on it if I’m not lucky. Read More