Posts for May, 2005

Email Problem Follow-up

May 28, 2005 Posted in Security

It has been one week since I stopped postfix and disabled the mail command (#chmod 444 /usr/bin/mail), everything seems fine. I restarted postfix and notified my ISP, they told me they would keep watching this server. Since this server doesn’t host any critical or major websites, I can take the risk – if anything bad happens again, I will make an OS reload. Read More

Awstats Exploit

May 18, 2005 Posted in Security

I found the source of my email server problem, it’s because I was using an old version of Awstats, which has a known exploit – allows remote command execution. After further search on the Internet, I found that it seemed to be a hot topic on the Internet several months ago, especially among bloggers, it’s a shame that I haven’t even heard of it. Read More

MT-Blacklist Error : Byte Order Is Not Compatible

May 17, 2005 Posted in Misc

This is about MT-Blacklist, an anti-spam add-on for MovableType, which works great by scanning incoming comments, deny or force moderation if the comment contains specified words or exceeds URL limit. The comment system is hardly usable without MT-Blacklist, it takes much time to delete hundreds of automated spam comments each day. Read More

Be a Professional or Get a Professional?

May 16, 2005 Posted in General

After rented two unmanaged FreeBSD servers, I have been always wondering what’s the best choice for me, does it make sense to learn how to administer a server? Isn’t it better to hire someone to do all these stuff for me? Thus, the servers are more secure, and I can spend more time on the websites rather than thinking about the hosting all the time. Read More

Spam Email

May 15, 2005 Posted in Security

Someone sent out lots of spams from my server yesterday, my ISP responded so fast that they disconnected my server immediately after they received the complaint. Read More

Log Files

May 9, 2005 Posted in FreeBSD General

I deleted the log files of Postfix and Apache manually, these files weren’t re-created even after I restarted Postfix and Syslogd, and it ended with a system reboot. I need to find a good way to rerotate Apache log files. Read More