Posts for August, 2005

Unix FAQ

August 29, 2005 Posted in FreeBSD General

I asked a question on the newsgroup: how to delete the files with special names like “–name”, someone pointed me a great Unix FAQ page. It’s also a must read for FreeBSD users:

Exclude a Sub-directory in Tar Command

August 27, 2005 Posted in Command & Utility

To backup the directory /home/ to file /backups/home.tgz, and exclude /home/apachelog/ : Read More

Install Awstats 6.5 Without Ports

August 18, 2005 Posted in Apache

Awstats in ports is still marked “forbidden”. I like to check out the web logs when I’m bored. I decide to install Awstats 6.5 in the traditional way instead of waiting for the port release. Since I have used Awstats before, the domain configuration files, .htaccess and password files for directory protection are still there, “make deinstall” doesn’t delete them. The installation only took several minutes. Read More

Rootkit Hunter – Another Root Kits Checking Tool

August 17, 2005 Posted in Security

I have tried chkrootkit, and I think it’s a very good tool. The book “Mastering FreeBSD and OpenBSD Security”, a security bible to me, only mentioned Rootkit Hunter, so I decide to give it a try. Read More

Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability in Awstats 6.4

August 16, 2005 Posted in Security

There is a new vulnerability in Awstats 6.4, detailed explanation is here. The new development version 6.5 has addressed this issue, but not available yet in ports. Awstats 6.4 has been marked forbidden in the ports, “make install” will display the following message, which is different from the portaudit error: Read More

Check Rootkit

August 13, 2005 Posted in Security

chkrootkit (official website is very slow) is a tool for checking root kits, it’s very easy to install and use. Read More

CPU Difference

August 8, 2005 Posted in FreeBSD General

Different CPUs seem to make big difference in terms of performance.

My two FreeBSD servers have the same configurations (FreeBSD 5.3/Apache 1.33/PHP 4/MySQL 4) and the same memory (1GB ram). Server 1 uses AMD Athlon XP2400; Server 2 uses Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz. When executing a PHP script with a few MySQL operations, despite of more visitors and bigger database, server 2 is still significantly faster than server 1.

phpBB Hack

August 7, 2005 Posted in Security

My phpBB forum was hacked recently, it seemed to be a targeted attack. Read More