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Sample of BIND Configuration Files

September 27, 2005 Posted in DNS

I noticed a few visitors came to this blog by searching BIND configuration errors. I had troubles too, later simply copied the configuration files from a Linux server. Here are my configuration files of BIND 9, if you have troubles to make BIND work, you can use them directly or as a starting point. Please note that you may need to convert the text to unix Format, and those steps in the handbook should be done first:
# cd /etc/namedb
# sh make-localhost

Add named_enable=”YES” to /etc/rc.conf Read More

Switch to pure-ftpd

September 14, 2005 Posted in FTP

WebHost Manager on my Linux VPS displayed the following message:

At this time, it is recommended that all customers using proftpd Switch to pure-ftpd as soon as possible to eliminate a potential security hole. It is important to consider that this security hole has not been verified. Multiple reports of compromised machines which have Trojans horse binaries installed with the proftpd group have been received. We wish acknowledge that there is only circumstantial evidence pointing to proftpd as the culprit, however we feel it is best to err on the side of caution.

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