Posts for October, 2005

Chkrootkit 0.46 Problem

October 30, 2005 Posted in Security

Cordeiro posted the following message on the FreeBSD security list. I didn’t test it (I don’t have testing server).

…don’t use chkrootkit 0.46 on production machines.
The “chkproc” process sends a SIGXFSZ (25) signal to init,
that interprets this signal as a “disaster” and reboots
after a 30s sleep.

I tested chkrootkit(0.45) and Rootkit Hunter before. I prefer Rootkit Hunter.

MySQL Log File

October 27, 2005 Posted in MySQL

I didn’t know MySQL log file until I tried to clean up unused databases today, the default file path is /var/db/mysql/hostname.err. Read More