Posts for November, 2005

Security Discussion

November 21, 2005 Posted in Security

On the FreeBSD security mailing list, there is a post about a compromised box which got many interesting replies: Need urgent help regarding security

Contact Form Abused Through BCC Field

November 16, 2005 Posted in Security

A simple contact form on my website was abused to send spams. I received weird messages sent from the contact form in the past two weeks, I thought it was just from some boring persons, and didn’t pay attention to it until I got some messages bounced back from other servers. After checked the mail queue, I was shocked that there were still a few emails with a very long recipient list.

Here is my original code:
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No. 1 Keyword Referrer “phpBB Hack”

November 5, 2005 Posted in Security

Google seems to like this blog a lot, new posts were picked up and ranked in the top 10 within a couple of days…simply amazing to me. Although this blog has quite a few keywords with great ranking such as “FreeBSD server”, the most searched term is “phpBB hack”. Several visitors even came here with “how to hack phpBB”. Read More