Posts for January, 2006

301 Redirect

January 19, 2006 Posted in Apache

Just want to post a follow-up to my previous post. After I updated the domain configurations, all my sites have been re-indexed by Google. I strongly suggest you configure your domains this way.

Apache and Google

January 13, 2006 Posted in Apache

This post is more about Google, but I think it’s very important and I should mention it. Read More

Beastie Blog

January 12, 2006 Posted in FreeBSD General

Glad to know Dale’s Beastie Blog via his comment. He posts very frequently – 38 within three days? Unbelievable! I love to read other’s blog, not only can I know how to setup something, but also I can know what I missed, what I can improve and what I should avoid from his errors. Read More

A One-year Look Back

January 5, 2006 Posted in FreeBSD General

It’s been one year since I started using FreeBSD. I still remembered the first day when I got the server, I was wondered why nothing worked on the server, no command completion, no wget :-) . It was a fresh FreeBSD installation with only ssh enabled. Then I asked some very silly questions in the IRC room, and knew what port is. Read More

Anonymous FTP Account

January 4, 2006 Posted in FTP

Several months ago, I switched to pure-ftpd from proftpd for my Linux VPS and FreeBSD server, but I didn’t test the anonymous login on Linux, just found it’s enabled by default!! Fortunately, it wasn’t abused. If someone used it for video download, I could face a big bill for bandwidth usage. Very lucky. Read More