Posts for October, 2008

vi Commands

October 31, 2008 Posted in Command & Utility

Condensed version for my own reference, only those commands I didn’t use but will make life easier. Read More

Install via Port

October 30, 2008 Posted in Ports

A visitor followed a post to install AwStats, this post is three years old, it’s absolutely not recommended. Ports are changing very quickly. Even if the program itself doesn’t change much, the post-installation configuration has very probably changed many times. Read More

Email Blocked by BellSouth

October 29, 2008 Posted in Email

Emails on my Linux VPS were blocked by Since they blocked the email by IP, I can still send email manually as I use Google App to handle the email. Read More

Locked File

October 28, 2008 Posted in FreeBSD General

Putty lost connection when I was viewing a file with vi. Later I tried to edit the same file, vi always told me it was read-only. Really confused until I checked with ps command and killed the vi process.

Start Program at Boot Time

October 27, 2008 Posted in FreeBSD General

Rebooted my server, I found Apache, Postfix and pure-ftpd didn’t start automatically. This is very basic, but I don’t remember that I had to configure this previously. Reading the scripts under /usr/local/etc/rc.d/, the instructions are very clear, added these lines in /etc/rc.conf: Read More

Terminal Control Character

October 27, 2008 Posted in Command & Utility

Some useful terminal control characters:

Ctrl-C Terminate current process.
Ctrl-U Erase current input line.
Ctrl-S Stop output for easy read.
Ctrl-Q Resume output after stop.
Ctrl-Z Suspend process. use fg command to restart.
Read More

Crazy Emacs Installation

October 27, 2008 Posted in Ports

Emacs installation installed total 45 ports. I should have defined WITHOUT_X11 for ‘make install’. Read More

Mail Aliases

October 27, 2008 Posted in Email

I’m using postfix on my server, there are at least three aliases file:

Read More

Using Traceroute

October 26, 2008 Posted in Networking

This is a great tutorial on traceroute, including exercise and an online tool. I can traceroute to my server successfully from my desktop or VPS, but most online tools failed. The one in the above link also has a TCP mode, isn’t traceroute based on ICMP? Maybe that’s why other online tools failed – they only use ICMP mode. Read More

Named: the working directory is not writable

October 26, 2008 Posted in DNS

If I do:
# tail -f /var/log/messages &
# rndc reload

I will get the error message:

named: the working directory is not writable. Read More

Reverse DNS

October 26, 2008 Posted in DNS

In my last post, I mentioned Gmail marked emails from my server (by php script) as spam due to SPF error. The other reason is that reverse dns didn’t work either. If reserve dns works, since email’s client and server usually use the same IP, Gmail treat it as spf pass (smart guess). Read More


October 25, 2008 Posted in Email

Emails sent from my server were marked as spam by Gmail, one of the reasons is SPF error, which can be checked by viewing the email header. Added SPF record for DNS zone file according to, they have a generation tool. Read More

Apache Error Log File

October 24, 2008 Posted in Apache

The Apache error log file, defined in httpd.conf for each virtual host, are very important, I used to ignore them. They not only help locate strange website errors, but also give problems that webmaster can’t easily find. Read More

Hardware Problem

October 21, 2008 Posted in FreeBSD General

When I started working on my new FreeBSD server, I got a few weird errors, such as: server rebooted by itself; strange errors when installing ports, but worked the second time, it happened to all three packages I installed. Read More

MySQL Backup and my.cnf

October 21, 2008 Posted in MySQL

Check MySQL version when you restore database.

Recently I switched to a different hosting provider, I always directly tar the MySQL data directory, but this time I got lots of problems. Some websites worked well, some gave lots of table-corrupted errors. Later I found it’s due to the MySQL versions :-( . On my old server it’s 5.0, and 5.1 on the new one. Reinstalling 5.0 solved the problem. Read More