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January 21, 2009 Posted in FreeBSD General

I found I couldn’t access my server, at first I thought it was a network or power outage of my ISP. Opened a support ticket and a reboot brought it back, it turned out to be my server’s problem, checked the system logs, there is absolutely nothing between the reboot and my last login. It seems that the server simply stopped to accept any connections for whatever reasons. Read More

MySQL Optimization

January 20, 2009 Posted in MySQL

I only optimized MySQl on a VPS several years ago, it seems that my server never had to. I was just aware of those my.cnf examples coming along with the installation.

There are 5 example files under /usr/local/share/mysql/:


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Easy Bind Configuration

January 20, 2009 Posted in DNS

Bind configuration has never been easier, I installed bind 9.6, only commented the following line in /etc/named/named.conf.

listen-on {; };

Then I added my zone files and it’s ready. Although I’m still seeing the message “the working directory is not writable“, moreover, not only # rndc reload causes this message, but also # /etc/rc.d/named start.

Add additional IPs

January 20, 2009 Posted in Networking

I made some mistakes when adding additional IPs for my new server and was locked out twice. Here are some tips to avoid those errors.
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Signal 11 revisited

January 19, 2009 Posted in FreeBSD General

Just after I moved to a new server, I saw the familiar signal 11 messages again: Read More

SSH Copy

January 19, 2009 Posted in Command & Utility

Copy a local file to remote host with ssh port 123

# scp -P 123 /backup/localefile

Copy file from remote host

# scp -P 123 /backup/