Posts for July, 2011

PHP 5.3 Isn’t That Bad

July 29, 2011 Posted in FreeBSD General

I complained about php5.3 generating huge log files, also, E_DEPRECATED doesn’t suppress those deprecated errors, as a result, I had to turn off php logs. Actually it doesn’t have to be that bad.

The reason why E_DEPRECATED doesn’t work is that, some scripts set error_reporting value and supersede the setting in php.ini, so, no matter how we configure php, we just couldn’t suppress those errors. Obviously, the best solution is modifying the scripts, but I didn’t want to risk breaking the code and had never given it a try. I was very wrong, the best solution is actually also the easiest solution, there is no risk at all. I fixed a dozen scripts within a couple of hours – just very simple replace. Read More

Add Zip Support

July 29, 2011 Posted in PHP

According to the PHP manual, zip extension uses the functions of zlib (archivers/php5-zlib), but it doesn’t work. Actually there is a separated package dedicated to zip support: archivers/php5-zip, after I installed this package, phpinfo() will have a zip section. Isn’t that confusing?