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Disable Apache Log Files

August 11, 2010 Posted in Apache

Today I was overwhelmed by all kinds of error messages caused by insufficient storage space, this happened once 5 years ago. Since I linked /var/db/ and /var/log/www/ to another big partition, /var usually only uses a few hundred MB and should never use up its 10GB space. It turned to be the master Apache log file (/var/log/httpd-access.log). Read More

Stop the Most Annoying Spammers

August 3, 2009 Posted in Apache, MySQL

Some spammers are very stupid and persistent,  they don’t care about the results, and keep spamming for months and even years. They combine manual and automate ways to post spams, the only way to stop them is blocking their IPs.

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.htaccess error

July 19, 2009 Posted in Apache

My site got ‘internal server configuration’ errors, the Apache error log file for this domain has the following error message:

.htaccess: order takes one argument, ‘allow,deny’, ‘deny,allow’, or ‘mutual-failure’

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Apache Error Log File

October 24, 2008 Posted in Apache

The Apache error log file, defined in httpd.conf for each virtual host, are very important, I used to ignore them. They not only help locate strange website errors, but also give problems that webmaster can’t easily find. Read More

Hard Disk Problem

February 16, 2006 Posted in Apache

In the last two months, my server got the following errors occasionally (very infrequent):

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Update AwStats with Cron Job

February 10, 2006 Posted in Apache

In the next few days, I will try to automate the server maintenance as much as possible – ideally, I don’t have to logon the server for months if I don’t want to. Summer is coming :-) . Read More

301 Redirect

January 19, 2006 Posted in Apache

Just want to post a follow-up to my previous post. After I updated the domain configurations, all my sites have been re-indexed by Google. I strongly suggest you configure your domains this way.

Apache and Google

January 13, 2006 Posted in Apache

This post is more about Google, but I think it’s very important and I should mention it. Read More

Install Awstats 6.5 Without Ports

August 18, 2005 Posted in Apache

Awstats in ports is still marked “forbidden”. I like to check out the web logs when I’m bored. I decide to install Awstats 6.5 in the traditional way instead of waiting for the port release. Since I have used Awstats before, the domain configuration files, .htaccess and password files for directory protection are still there, “make deinstall” doesn’t delete them. The installation only took several minutes. Read More

Httpd Exited on Signal 11 – Caused by Buggy Script

July 31, 2005 Posted in Apache, PHP

My security run output of today contains lots of error messages like:
pid 90742 (httpd), uid 80: exited on signal 11
pid 90896 (httpd), uid 80: exited on signal 11
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Hide Apache and PHP Information in HTTP Headers

July 24, 2005 Posted in Apache

By default, Apache will send version and modules information (e.g., mod_php, mod_perl, mod_ssl) in every HTTP header. You can check it with a HTTP header tool. For example, the header of this blog:
Server: Apache/1.3.33 (Unix) PHP/4.3.11 Read More

Performance Tuning

June 18, 2005 Posted in Apache

I have been considering to upgrade my 10 MB uplink, but after read the system tuning in the handbook, I realized something else was more important than the bandwidth limit, especially kern.ipc.somaxconn: Read More

Move Apache Log Files

June 10, 2005 Posted in Apache

When I checked emails with Outlook Express today, all POP3 accounts on my two servers gave me an error message “Invalid username or password”, which really freaked me out. Later I found it’s because /var file system used up again. Read More

More About Apache Log File Rotation

June 1, 2005 Posted in Apache

As I wrote earlier, I remove old Apache log files by deleting all of them and doing a graceful restart, this is also what Apache documentations suggested, everything works well except that Apache doesn’t release the disk space used by the deleted log files. Read More

Protect Directory

April 9, 2005 Posted in Apache

How to protect a directory under Apache?

This can be done with .htaccess, visitors must input username and password before they can access the protected directory. Read More

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