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Easy Bind Configuration

January 20, 2009 Posted in DNS

Bind configuration has never been easier, I installed bind 9.6, only commented the following line in /etc/named/named.conf.

listen-on {; };

Then I added my zone files and it’s ready. Although I’m still seeing the message “the working directory is not writable“, moreover, not only # rndc reload causes this message, but also # /etc/rc.d/named start.

Named: the working directory is not writable

October 26, 2008 Posted in DNS

If I do:
# tail -f /var/log/messages &
# rndc reload

I will get the error message:

named: the working directory is not writable. Read More

Reverse DNS

October 26, 2008 Posted in DNS

In my last post, I mentioned Gmail marked emails from my server (by php script) as spam due to SPF error. The other reason is that reverse dns didn’t work either. If reserve dns works, since email’s client and server usually use the same IP, Gmail treat it as spf pass (smart guess). Read More

Sample of BIND Configuration Files

September 27, 2005 Posted in DNS

I noticed a few visitors came to this blog by searching BIND configuration errors. I had troubles too, later simply copied the configuration files from a Linux server. Here are my configuration files of BIND 9, if you have troubles to make BIND work, you can use them directly or as a starting point. Please note that you may need to convert the text to unix Format, and those steps in the handbook should be done first:
# cd /etc/namedb
# sh make-localhost

Add named_enable=”YES” to /etc/rc.conf Read More

DNS Setup

January 7, 2005 Posted in DNS

Unfortunately I stuck at the DNS setup, I have read the handbook many times, but still don’t have a clear idea about it. Read More