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AT&T Email

May 17, 2012 Posted in Email

Update: I resubmitted a unblock request with this post, AT&T has confirmed that they will remove the block. It was quick! Thanks!

AT&T blocked all emails sent from one of my servers, which I’m sure was a mistake, because the server hosts several forums and only sends notification emails to registered members, e.g., when a member asked a question on accessforums.net, if someone replied to his question, the forum will send a notification email. To be on the safe side, I have never sent out a single newsletter from these forums.

According to email server log, I submitted unblock requests here two times in the last two months, but no actions, no response whatever, just like a black hole. I’m sure they didn’t look into the problem at all, because anyone who read the emails or checked my server will know it’s a clean server.

Can anyone bring this post to AT&T admin’s attention? Your simple block has brought lots of inconvenience to our forum members (your customers).

(host gateway-f2.isp.att.net[] refused to talk to me: 550- blocked by ldap:ou=rblmx,dc=att,dc=net 550 Error – Blocked for abuse. See http://att.net/blocks)

Email ISP

March 12, 2009 Posted in Email

Finally, AOL unblocked my new IP, their Feedback Loop Request Form doesn’t seem to work, I joined two times and was approved too, but nothing happened. The unblock was done after I got a personal reply to my direct email request.

Here are some other email ISPs I have dealt with: Read More

Email Blocked by BellSouth

October 29, 2008 Posted in Email

Emails on my Linux VPS were blocked by Bellsouth.net. Since they blocked the email by IP, I can still send email manually as I use Google App to handle the email. Read More

Mail Aliases

October 27, 2008 Posted in Email

I’m using postfix on my server, there are at least three aliases file:

Read More


October 25, 2008 Posted in Email

Emails sent from my server were marked as spam by Gmail, one of the reasons is SPF error, which can be checked by viewing the email header. Added SPF record for DNS zone file according to openspf.org, they have a generation tool. Read More

Google App configuration for bind

June 23, 2008 Posted in Email

On some websites, I really don’t want to use free email address for contact, but spam email is an endless war. Google App allows me to use my own domain as email address, I can also enjoy all the power and features of Gmail, and it’s free! What a perfect solution! If you are hosting your own email server and not satisfied with it, I strongly suggest you to give Google App a shot. Read More

Postfix Mail Queue

December 11, 2005 Posted in Email

List the mail queue:
# /usr/bin/mailq

Delete a mail by mail id (get the mail id with the above command):
# postsuper -d mail_id

Delete all message in the mail queue:
# postsuper -d ALL

Flush the queue: attempt to deliver all queued mail:
# postqueue -f

SMTP May Not Be Necessary

July 21, 2005 Posted in Email

Postfix has been running on my servers for a few months, but I haven’t been able to make SMTP Auth work, as a result, I can’t send emails from my desktop. Finally I decided to finish the configuration by following the tutorial on postfix.org. But unfortunately, it didn’t work after the first try. Then, a simple idea came out: why not try other SMTP servers instead of configuring mine? The SMTP server (exim) on my VPS relays any outbound emails after authentication. Read More

A Silly Story

April 2, 2005 Posted in Email

In a previous post, I said pop3 server’s installation was very easy. Now, I try to install it on my second FreeBSD server, guess what? I couldn’t make it work and looked for help on the mailing list. Read More