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ServerBeach Review

June 21, 2014 Posted in General

I’ve been with ServerBeach for more than two years. One server had one ram problem; the other server never had any problems.

> uptime

3:42AM up 863 days, 1:48, 2 users, load averages: 0.10, 0.09, 0.08

ServerBeach also has excellent connections to Asia. I’ve been more than happy about their hosting, but unfortunately they dropped support of FreeBSD recently. If the servers fails, they won’t install FreeBSD for me. I need to move again, sigh.

Moved Out

March 4, 2009 Posted in General

The problem, which should never have happened, happened again just two days later, caused another 4 hours down time. Burst.net must hate me, I can’t understand why they stopped routing my IPs, again!
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Be a Professional or Get a Professional?

May 16, 2005 Posted in General

After rented two unmanaged FreeBSD servers, I have been always wondering what’s the best choice for me, does it make sense to learn how to administer a server? Isn’t it better to hire someone to do all these stuff for me? Thus, the servers are more secure, and I can spend more time on the websites rather than thinking about the hosting all the time. Read More

Benchmark Testing

March 24, 2005 Posted in General

You can use UnixBench to test your server’s benchmark, and compare with other’s results. Read More

FreeBSD and Linux

March 12, 2005 Posted in General

This is an interesting thread from FreeBSD mailing list, I have nothing against Linux, actually I know both too little to have my own opinions.
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Server Is Ready

January 5, 2005 Posted in General

I got my server information yesterday, haven’t worked on it much. The first impression – I’m lost. Most Linux commands don’t work, which are default on my VPS, such as wget, command suggestion (pressing Tab), etc. Read More

New Unmanaged Server

January 2, 2005 Posted in General

I ordered a 100% self-managed server from layeredtech yesterday, here is the server configuration: Read More

Network Problem

November 18, 2004 Posted in General

ServInt experienced 6 hours down time due to fiber cut yesterday, it’s quite frustrating. Besides losing orders, I’m more concerned about the possible search engine ranking. Google was doing a deep crawl on one of my websites before the server was down – which I have been waiting for days, I have no idea how Google deals with this, will it arrange the deep crawl next day or till weeks later? Read More

About This Blog

November 3, 2004 Posted in General

I started building my websites since 2001 and only used shared hosting until last week. As the websites growing, I feel a strong need of a dedicated server. Shared web hosting is very limited in many aspects, such as disk space, traffic volumn and shell access, the last one is most important to me. Read More