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Converted to WordPress

March 18, 2009 Posted in Misc

MovableType suddenly stopped working, I couldn’t publish new posts any more. So I took the chance to convert it to WordPress.

Horrible Support

March 1, 2009 Posted in Misc

After yesterday’s server problem, I realized how ‘horrible’ a support can be, it’s beyond my imagination. Read More

Network Outage

February 2, 2009 Posted in Misc

My ISP had a network outage yesterday, which caused a few hours sluggish time…very hard to connect. I signed up despite of many bad reviews on my ISP on WHT, mainly about the network and support. But if it’s bad, it’s bad, I’m not luckier than anyone else. A long history in the industry doesn’t mean anything!! Read More

Unix Shells by Example

November 1, 2008 Posted in Misc

Today I started reading UNIX Shells by Example, I have to say this is a great book, at least for beginners like me. Get your copy if you are really serious about FreeBSD. Sooner or later, you will find it is very helpful to write your own scripts. Shell is very powerful and flexible, a tedious task could be easily done with a simple script.

Happy Chinese New Year

February 6, 2008 Posted in Misc

Today is the Chinese New Year’s Eve, welcome to the Year of Rat!

I wish everyone a happy and fruitful new year!

Install a Proxy Server – Privoxy

March 9, 2006 Posted in Misc

Occasionally, some websites are unreachable due to weird network problems. Setting up a proxy server on our own server would be a very convenient solution, it’s also safer than using a proxy which we know nothing about. Read More

RSS Feed

July 23, 2005 Posted in Misc

If you visit this Blog with FireFox, you can see an orange box in the right bottom corner, that means this site support RSS feed, you can subscribe a live bookmark by clicking on it. This is a built-in feature of Movabletype. Read More

MT-Blacklist Error : Byte Order Is Not Compatible

May 17, 2005 Posted in Misc

This is about MT-Blacklist, an anti-spam add-on for MovableType, which works great by scanning incoming comments, deny or force moderation if the comment contains specified words or exceeds URL limit. The comment system is hardly usable without MT-Blacklist, it takes much time to delete hundreds of automated spam comments each day. Read More