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Confusing Server Debug in Eclipse

February 5, 2008 Posted in My PHP Journey

The server debug (Debug as PHP web page) in Eclipse is quite confusing. For example:
- It always opens the browser despite the setting ‘Open in Browser’ is unchecked.

- The Apache error often pops up without a clue. It seems caused by the settings of ‘Debug Dialog’.
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February 4, 2008 Posted in My PHP Journey

PDT User Guide in the help manual is very helpful, I followed its ‘Basic Tutorials’ smoothly until I tried the debug part. The server debug configuration is confusing to me. After lots of attempts, I finally got Eclipse working with XDebug.
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My PHP Journey

February 4, 2008 Posted in My PHP Journey

As a long time C++ and Java developer, I have managed to modify/debug some PHP scripts with the help of PHP manual, but never spent time learning it. I don’t dare to start a PHP project without systematic learning. The performance, security risks and language specific details should be taken seriously, which requires solid learning and practice.
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